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International Landscape Photographer of the Year

This year saw the introduction of a new photography competition with a title sure to attract photographers like moths to a floodlight.

This competition was a little more interesting than most due it the way the placings worked.

The top category was International Landscape Photographer of the Year.  To qualify for this title, you needed to submit at least four images as a mini portfolio.  The judges were looking for a photorapher who is well rounded and can produce a variety of quality images. 

 First place: Christian Fletcher, Australia
 Second place: Tom Putt, Australia
 Third place: Will Dielenberg, Australia

Next up was the International Landscape Photograph of the Year.  The 'Photograph' is different from the 'Photographer' in that this is the single best image overall as determined by the judging panel. 

 First place: Craig Parry , Australia
 Second place: Tom Putt, Austalia
 Third place: Bas Meelker , Netherlands

There were also five special subject awards and each of the winners receives an exhibition size print of their image, printed and framed by Created For Life printing and framing. The winners are:

 The Lone Tree Award: Mark Seawell, Germany
 The Jetty Award: David Anderson, Australia
 The Sunset Award: Marcos Furer, Argentina
 The Fuzzy Water Award: Ted Grambeau, Australia
 The Hot Location Award - Iceland: Hans Strand, Sweden

Finally, the Top 101 images of the year, which would be published into a book.

So with a total of 2233 entries in the 2014 competition, I was more than happy for my offering to score The Jetty Award and to be counted in the top 101 landscape images of the year among fellow photographers, like friend and Brisbane photographer Mel Sinclair, whose work I admire.



International Loupe Awards 2012

Wow, talk about finishing the year with a bang!  I entered a few images in the International Loupe Awards this year, as always.  I like to enter a comp every now and then to get a feel for how things are going with my images; you know, to find out how they compare with all those awesome photographers out there.  This year, I actually managed to score two bronzes and a surprising gold award for Fallen.

Anyway, the big surprise came yesterday when my mobile started going crazy with calls and txt messages.  Amazingly, I had placed first in the Amateur Landscape category.  Now, I admit I thought I might be in with a chance of getting into the top 50, but first? … Wow.

Thankyou to all my friends and followers on facebook who raised the alert, and thankyou to the judges for the honor.

Australian Geographic

Well, here we are and again it’s been a very long time between posts.  Dear, dear, I’m such a slacker!

I do however have some exciting news to report.  On Tuesday this week, I started to receive a flurry of congratulation messages.  “Hmmm, what’s all this about?”, thinks I.  It turns out Australian Geographic ran an article on the recent Epson International Pano Awards and one of my images appeared in the article.  But when I eventually got the chance to check it out, I realised that out of the hundreds of images that make up the top 50 lists of each category, Australian Geographic chose one of mine as the lead image for the article.  All I can say is: Wow! What a nice surprise!

It’s one of my favourite photos and, in fact, I have a large print of it hanging in my lounge room at home.

So thankyou to Australian Geographic for the honor and a big thankyou to all my friends and followers out there who sent me messages, if it wasn’t for you I would never have known! :-)